Is Massage a Science or An Art a Technical Analysis

Is Massage a Science or An Art: A Technical Analysis

Massage therapy has been providing value to the clients from a long period of time; whether it is psychological problems or simple physical issues, massage has got solution for almost everything. But when discussed about the Art and Science behind massage, there is always the contention breaking loose in an intense manner.

In the national capital, Delhi; millennials are engaged in winning the daily bread and butter. They have to beat the traffic, bills and job pressure for survival. Such a situation leads to significant amount of stress and only experts know how to help remove the stress. Massage therapists in Delhi are well versed in both art and science. They know how to keep the hand movements; at the same time, understand the effects it will have on the body. Thus, to an extent, the modus operandi of massage is a mix of both art and science to give the satisfaction that one seeks.

In this blog, the readers will get to know how massage behaves to categorize it as an art or science. After that assessment, we leave it to your discretion to choose whether massage is a science or an art or a mix of both. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section after reading this blog.

Is Massage an Art?

Well, art is something that one can do in an exceptional way and very few can perform that job with the same efficiency, precision and mastery. So, why massage sounds like an art? Because of the following ways;

Intuitive Thinking

An intuitive thinking or a smart thinker is someone who can change the tides of the odds in their own favor. Smartest people on this planet have mastered some specific traits in them. For example, writers have mastered the art of imagination. They can think beyond the realms of possibilities and that makes them the exceptional writer for which they are celebrated.

Similarly, singers have that exceptional skill to module and vibrate the chords in their throat to produce a sweet music. The massage therapists are also artist and they know the art of the movement to help clients in releasing the stress and tension from their body. All of these make massage a form of art to be practiced over and over for attaining the perfection. One can see that those massage therapists who are in the business from a longer period of time witness unprecedented skill levels in resolving key problems in the body. At one point or the other, it almost seems like a magic to many.

Recognizing Pattern

Massage therapists are certified and trained to read the pattern and symptoms and provide the most valuable solution to the clients. Massage experts are trained to understand the body pattern and provide the solution for that problem. The human brain has been trained to find out the pattern in everything that happens. Similarly, the masseurs are trained to trace the pattern of the problem in the body. By harnessing their experience and expertise, they are trained to find out the best solution for the problem you are encountering. As they are doing that, it ends up in making them the Master of Artsin the process of massage and relaxation therapy.

A Holistic Approach

Holistic approach is the soul of art. In music or dance, the musician must adhere to all the seven strings of the music to compose a song. Similarly, the dancer has to also consider all seven elements of grace, passion, expression, movement, flexibility, reality and connection to make his dance act end up being a higher form of art. The emotional state of the mind can boost and charge up the immunity system of the body. The massage therapists are aware of the same. Thus, they devise the solution in which you feel less tensed and much more relaxed for stimulating the hormones to act in the manner in which they speed up the recovery system of the body.

Empathy and Communication

An artist when acting on stage doesn’t just perform an act; he/she lives that moment. So, if an artist is playing Julius Ceaser or Chengiz Khan, for that moment, he is that. Now, the most striking thing about art is that you begin to live in that moment. Meaning, one can sympathize with someone, but when you have empathy for that person, you can realize the feeling that they are going through. Masseurs are a mix of that  when they are treating the clients with mental issues or physical problems. They get under the skin of the client and make them comfortable. By doing so, they showcase a higher form of art in their service. As a result, one can say that they have a close connection to art while they are providing the massage services to the clients.

Is Massage Science?

It is not just an art but even science that works behind the massage. As specific hormones are released in the body during the massage session. These hormones are responsible for bringing new changes in the body. Do have a look at what happens in the body that makes massage to be categorized as a science.

Quantification and Measurement

In the science, quantifying the experiments based on measurement happens to justify the results or the affects. Similarly, the massage therapists are having specific instruments at their disposal to measure the movement of the body. The massage therapists are performing careful assessment and analysis to ensure that best results are generated in the process.

The masseurs have instruments that they use to find out the effect of the range of movements that they try on any client’s body. In the process, they are reading the recovery and development that is happening in the body. There are multiple numerical scales that are used to read and analyze the change of impact over a time. Thus, massage has been correlated with science as well as it leads to development and innovations happening at a micro level in the body. The cause-effect relationship between the massage and cure makes it an indiscernible entrant in the world of science and massage experts can also be levelled no less than a scientist.

Latest Research

Researches are conducted on the musculoskeletal system of the body to understand the injuries and the recovering conditions. Massage experts are real help in creating specific case studies and curating the best solution based on the inputs and trails. When they are providing the ground reality or effects that occur after the massage, there is a specific scientific approach adopted that was visible that speeded up the recovery. Top masseurs are giving evidence-based healthcare inputs about massage that connects it to the science for giving the satisfaction to the peers.

Thus, the role of the massage changes with its application, methods and techniques. But overall picture summarizes that massage is a mix of both: art & science. Do share your thoughts on this.