6 Weird Types Of Massages That Exist

6 Shocking And Weird Types Of Massages That Exists

Earth is so vast and there are 5 oceans and 7 continents with are more than 200 countries existing on it. It is full of diversities in the form of climate, living habitat, natural resources and culture. In each diversity of living, people find their own way of living, comfort and happiness. One of them is massage therapy, which people embraced as an effective relaxing technique.

There are many varieties of massage therapies around the globe which have the power to give immense relaxation and energy. Like Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Stone Massage and many more. But, do you know, there are some weird types of massages around the world that will leave you literally shocked. And the most shocking thing is people indulge in these massages happily. Here is the list of some weird types of massages around the world.

  1. Python Massage
  2. Fire Treatment Massage
  3. Elephant Massage
  4. Snail Massage
  5. Knife Massage
  6. Face Slapping massage

It will be interesting for you to know about the above mentioned shocking massage types with details. Also, if you are an adventurous person and want to explore a wild side, then these massages are just for you. Here you go.

  1. Python Massage

Python Massage

The scene is itself enough to make you scream when you see a python crawling and coming towards you. But do you know, pythons provide massage in many countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Jakarta and Indonesia. You always have dreams about a massage that will be giving you the comprehensive satisfaction level. But now you can have the pleasure of enjoying the massage with a python wrapped around and exerting its strength on your body. Since pythons don’t have hands, they can’t rub or knead your body. Instead, they will slither around your body and tickle sometimes. According to those who have experienced it, regard it as a superb feeling that they will cherish forever. They felt extremely energetic in every part of their body after the massage. 

The snake massage providers train the pythons for massage, possess friendly behaviour with them. They often hug and kiss them. Before 10 to 12 hours, the pythons are fed enough so that they don’t feel hunger for many days. This prevents the pythons from feeling hunger during massage and seeing the customer as food. Pythons don’t bite, but sometimes the massage providers wrap a tape around their mouth.

Not just the pythons, but the customers are also made aware of the precautions during the massage. They are told to stay calm and not to make any body movement. They are also advised to keep their breath normal as python can feel it easily on their skin. This may disturb the python. This massage release adrenaline in customers’ body because of uneasiness and fear, which is actually good for their body.

But, this massage is also considered as animal abuse and is not government approved. So if you care about independence of other lives too, then you must oppose this massage.

  1. Fire Treatment Massage

Fire Treatment Massage

You may have heard about walking on fire or placing a burning paan (betel leaf with areca nut) in mouth, but have you heard about putting fire on your body for massage? Yes, there is a massage technique where flames or fire is used for massage as a treatment process. In China, it is known as “Chinese fire massage”, and in Tibet, it is known as “fire dragon therapy”. It may sound bit frightening but there is nothing to worry here as full precautions are taken during this therapy.

A cloth damped or soaked in alcohol and elixir (a liquid used in medical treatment) is used for this. The cloth is wrapped or covered on the body part which requires the treatment. After that the cloth is lit with fire for a minute approximately. The fire is then extinguished using water wet towel and then the same towel is used to rub and massage your body. You may feel bit pain and heat but the practioners claim that this massage has guaranteed healing results. It helps in joint pain, muscle pain, indigestion, insomnia, obesity and cold. It also cures early age wrinkles. The fire massage is a good opportunity to explore something adventurous.

  1. Elephant Massage

Elephant Massage

After hearing this, you mind can’t control imagining an elephant sitting crushing your body under its weight. You may feel gasping for breath and struggling to get yourself free and run in full speed. This feeling is genuine as life is precious. No one can put its life in such a danger situation. But that’s true, elephants are trained in Thailand and few more countries to give massage by using their trunk and legs. They are tortured, beaten, kept hungry for many days in order to make them obey what the owner says. Baby elephants are kidnapped and smuggled in order to make money in any possible way. One of such way is training the elephants to give massage forcibly.

Elephants are innocent lives, and that’s why humans find it easy to control and use them in different ways. Also, they are putting the life in danger of the customers came for massage. They elephants are innocent but they can kill a human easily if they get angry. In this scenario there is a great chance of the elephant getting angry. They can easily crush the skull and bones beneath their legs. Or, they can fling or toss them easily within a blink of eyes. Here, the customers who get elephant massage are equally responsible for animal abuse as their owners are. If people oppose elephant massage, the chances of kidnapping and smuggling elephants will reduce.

  1. Snail Massage

Snail Massage Treatment

 If you fear cockroaches, lizards and other creepy animals then, this is not for you. But, if you don’t have any problem with creepy animals then you will enjoy this massage. Snail massage is mainly done in Thailand and they do snail farming too. Some of the skin treatments are done by putting snails on the face and other skin parts. Snails move around and secrete their mucus on the skin. This mucus has many skin benefits and can make a skin more refreshing and healthy. The snail don’t bite, they just roam on the skin leaving behind their recreation.

The healing properties of the snail mucus are so good that many people in Thailand to snail farming. They keep the snails happy by not disturbing them any time. When a snail secretes its mucus and moves ahead, they mucus is collected manually and stored to sell. The snails are not tortured and their habitats remain unchanged and natural. The market for snail creams is spreading in China, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. You can use this cream but if you want the benefits of raw snail mucus then you have to go to Thailand.

  1. Knife Massage

Knife Massage Treatment

Also popular as ‘Dao Liao’, the knife massage originated from China in the era between 770 BC and 221 BC. At ancient times in China, when someone suffered from fever, body pain, muscle soreness, skin treatment and for kidney problems. Later the ‘Dao Liao’ massage technique was adopted and went popular in Taiwan and Japan.

In knife massage, two blunt knives are used, said to have charged with positive and negative electron charged particles. The negative and positive charges help to gain the body a perfect balance. The two knife are put near stones (meteorite stones) covered with big glass bowls in order to get charged. Before the massage, the customer is told to take a warm shower with some natural salt dissolved in the water. This helps in softening the stiff muscles in order to make the knife effects more deep.

In knife massage, the customer is covered with a tick towel or a blanket. Then the therapist pummels entire body (like chopping) with the two charged knives. You can feel the instant effect of knife massage as it increases the blood flow frequency in the blood vessels. This results in good blood circulation and delivery of oxygen everywhere in the body with instant freshness and relaxation. This massage is highly recommended if you visit China, Taiwan and Japan.

  1. Face Slapping massage

Face Slapping Massage

A slap to you could feel like clearing the jammed ear holes, some heat sensation on the cheek and tears ready to burst out anytime from the eyes. But what if I tell you that getting slapped is good for your facial skin. Yes, there is a massage, know as face slapping massage, in which the therapist slaps you. You may feel like slapping the therapist in return, but after knowing its benefits, you may change your mind.

In face slapping massage, the therapist slaps your face in a rhythmic manner. The slaps could be both gentle and hard (smacks), upwards and downward, leftwards or rightwards. For the perfect slapping rhythms, sometimes the therapists listen to music and slap according to its beats. This massage was introduced by a lady Thai massage therapist in California, USA. According to the Thai massage therapy, there are some energy lines everywhere in our body, so as on the face. To open up these energy lines and relax the facial muscles, slapping technique is used.

There are many benefits of face slapping massage. It promotes blood circulation, reduces the size of opened skin pores, reduces face wrinkles and increases the production of collagen. You see the inner glow of your skin without using any creams or lotions. The effect of one face slapping massage remains up to six months. This massage may feel painful during the session, but after the massage you will be thankful to yourself for bearing the slaps.


The purpose of massage therapy is to provide extreme relaxation and refreshment. There are many spas and massage therapy providers around the world using various kind of massage techniques. But, this does not give humans a right to use animals and other living thing to use them for their benefits forcibly. No animal want to live captive in a cage or a room. That’s why the elephant and python massage must be prohibited. Instead, you can explore the knife massage, fire massage, snail massage and face slapping massage.