11 Myths Related To Massage In India

11 myths related to body massage in India

As the competition in the market is getting tough by the day, as a competitor, employee or investor, one has to struggle a lot to establish their name in the competition. Indeed, it is tough to succeed when you are not in the best of your elements. Continuous pressure on the body can wreak havoc and cause considerable amount of damage internally. At a point, where you need that personalized care and satisfaction, a good body massage will resonate with you in the best manner possible. But, lately rumors have tarnished the image of massage services. So, if you have come across any such rumors or there are a few myths related to body massage in your head, it is the best time to get them busted right away.

Here are top 11 Massage Myths that need to be stopped

Myths Related To Body Massage

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  1. All Massage are Generalized

This is the most common topic of debate and discussion. Often, you might have seen people saying I am going for a Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, or a full body massage. At one point or the other, you might have this question in the head, what’s the difference? Well, they are indeed different! For example, if the athlete has been hurt in the sports and they want the repair via massage. It will negatively impact the recovery if they are going for normal massage. On the contrary, for such athlete, they can bank upon the sports massage. The sports massage will serve the purpose much effectively in such a case.

  1. Body has to hurt and feel the excessive pressure

Nope, but yes. Unfortunately this is the most common misunderstanding regarding a massage session. Many people assume a good massage session as more and more pressure applied to the body parts. The massage therapist should rub the muscles roughly and aggressively. This is not the truth. In fact, if this happens, it may affect reversibly and can lead to internal injury and strain. Every massage type is different in their own way. Most of the massage therapy are done very gently and softly. Yes, there are some massage therapy types where you body may need some pressure and extra rubbing, but not too much. Massage is done to provide relaxation not to hurt.

  1. Massage Can Lead To Other Diseases

This is also one of the most common belief in individuals that massage can lead to other types of illness. Well, this claim can be severely reprimanded as massage has no known side effects. On the contrary, most of the oncologists believe that a good massage can instantly fix up issues in the body. Meaning, having a good massage will bring considerable benefit when you are getting treated for cancer. Specific massage are customized to ensure that you are getting a comprehensive experience.

  1. Massage Has Temporary After Affects

Most folks claim that a massage has limited or minimal after effects. Well, this claim can be challenged once you analyse that after the massage, the anxiety and pain triggers have subsided considerably. When regular massage has been given to individuals, they are most likely to get relaxation from stiffness and other problems in the body. As a result of the massage, the body will be becoming much more fuller and healthy.

  1. Soreness After the Massage

While getting the deep tissue massage, it is most likely that the soreness will be prevailing. But the massage has been specifically tailored to behave thus. Therefore, one has to understand that deep tissue massage will lead to soreness and other such disorders, but it will be short lived. Therefore, having soreness after the deep tissue massage does not mean that your massage treatment has mailed miserably. The effects will be visible in a few days and you would literally love that.

  1. Miscarriage Chances After Massage

Most people say that there are chances of miscarriage when you are undergoing the massage treatment. Well, such is not the case. Miscarriage will not happen when you are undergoing the massage treatment. On the contrary, during the prenatal stage of the pregnancy, most women prefer to go for a comprehensive massage experience, which might include and not restricted to full body massage, Swedish Massage, Thai Massage, Honey Massage and Oil massage. Yes, it could be taken without any problem or aftereffects fears.

  1. Massage Only Repairs Muscles

Most people claim that the massage has been specifically meant to cure the muscles. Well, such is not the case, as massage can also help cure joint problems as well. At the time of the massage, the synovial fluid present in the bones start to get into movement. As a result, the reduce the friction in the bones and your body will be much more relaxed and rejuvenated after the massage treatment.

  1. Do Not Interrupt a Massage Therapist

At the time of the massage, often you might have heard that let the masseurs do what they want. Well, definitely that’s the rule of the thumb, until and unless it is causing the much unending pain and discomfort. In the midst of pain and discomfort, you cannot unwind and relax. Therefore, it is never a good idea to settle for that. If you are having any problem, straightaway say them that you are not liking it. A little pain is normal during the massage, as there are a lot of adjustments and strokes. But pain beyond bearable limits means, the masseur is not doing the massage properly.

  1. Water Intake to Flush Toxins

Most people buy this fact that drinking a lot of water after the massage session will help them flush away the toxins. But such is not the case, the massage will repair and rejuvenate your body but in its normal way. No amount of water can speed up the process. Nevertheless, if you feel like drinking water after the massage to quench your thirst, you should do it. But do not expect anything significant from the water drinking process.

  1. Massage Can Release Toxins

Most people say that massage is meant to flush away the toxins. But medical science do not support it. Massage is just meant to pamper and make you feel better. When you are taking the massage, it will help your muscles to relax and the specific hormone release in the head will make you feel better. But it has nothing to do with flushing away the toxins. Even health science do not support this claim because of lack of evidence and events.

  1. Massage Kills Cellulite

Massage will not be killing the sub cutaneous fat cells cellulite. Thus, it is not necessary that you will be facing any difficulty after the massage. But it has the potential to help you relax and rejuvenate yourself.


There are many misunderstandings regarding body massage. The only way to stop these myths from taking over peoples mind is by spreading awareness about this. Royal Male Massage provides male to male body massage in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida and Ahmedabad. On every massage session, we discuss things about body massage benefits and aware them about the myths and rumors about massage therapies.