Honey Massage Therapy

Detoxify Your Body With Honey Massage Therapy

If you are a health & fitness fanatic then you must have indulged yourself in massage therapy at least once in your life, probably more. The ancient history of massage therapy builds the trust itself to go for a massage. There is no doubt while considering massage therapy as an important factor for health and immunity building. There are many forms of massage that people know on a regular basis. But, there are some massage practices which are equally amazing and fruitful, but lesser known. Honey Massage Therapy is one such kind of body massage therapy.


Honey massage therapy is a type of massage in which the therapist uses raw and organic honey as a massage material. There are mainly two types of honey massage:

  1. Pressing & ungluing palms, also known as honey massage for cellulite.
  2. Honey cupping massage, where suction technique is applied.

During a massage therapy, materials like natural oils, herbal powder, cream or lotion are always used for best results. Honey, being a natural and organic thing, is considered best for skin remedies and treatment. Honey consists of many important vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for skin and muscles. Also, honey is considered as an alternative for essential oils used for massage purposes. Since oil is used for smoothness, honey, on the other hand, provides rough feeling on the skin. In Honey Massage Therapy, raw and organic honey is used as a massage material on the skin. The stickiness of honey is the main reason to use it for massage. Natural honey (without any extra ingredient or filtration) is considered the best healing agent for skin and muscles.

Honey Massage Therapy for Cellulite Removal

Cellulite is a kind of skin condition where a bumpy or dimpled appearance forms on the skin surface. Unlike smooth skin, irregular bulges appear on the skin surface. It is not any kind of disease but is caused by many uncertain reasons. Like unhealthy food intake, weight gain, smoking, etc. Cellulite cells are generally formed on the skin surface areas of abdomen, hips, legs, and buttocks.

Anti-cellulite Removal Honey Massage

Best known as anti-cellulite honey massage therapy, this therapy is used to remove the cellulite from the skin surface. At first, the massage therapist pours honey the skin area that needs to be massaged. Then the therapist spreads it gently over the skin surface with light circular or linear motion to make a thin layer of honey. Now the actual process starts. The main aim of the therapist is to increase the muscle tension force. The therapist presses hand palms over honey applied skin and unglues it. This process continues, every time the therapist unglues the palms, the closed skin pores get stretched and open.

Honey Massage Therapy for Cellulite Removal

This activity of the therapist promotes blood circulation on the skin surface, results in the healthy and fresh skin. It removes the cellular wastes. The pressing and ungluing process continue until the stickiness completely disappears and the palms no longer stick to the skin. The duration of this therapy also depends on the quality and type of the honey used. For best result, you need have to get this therapy at least once a week, for three to four months. The result of this anti-cellulite therapy could be observed just from the second time.

Honey Cupping Massage Therapy

In this method, the cupping technique is used where light suction and pumping is used on the skin surface. Cupping massage is an ancient massage technique, believed to be originated from Russia. It is a kind of a combination of acupressure and deep tissue massage. In cupping massage therapy, small glass cups are used which has a technique to create suction inside it. A cup is inverted placed over the skin surface and the suction is applied. Due to suction, the skin surface portion inside the cup is collected inside in a bumpy form, creating muscle tension. Soon, after a few seconds, you can see skin inside the cup becoming red due to blood flow promotion. This process creates gentle skin stretch resulting in connective tissue alignment and muscle tome improvement. This deep tissue cupping therapy works best when done with honey applied on the skin surface.

Honey Cupping Massage Therapy

Suction cups are used before applying the honey on the skin, to make the skin warm and ready to intake honey properties. This light suction process helps your skin release toxins and absorbs the vitamins and minerals of honey. Honey cupping massage therapy is a perfect solution for sports person and athletes, who are feeling muscle soreness. This therapy is widely used for body detoxification.

Honey Massage Therapy Benefits

  1. It improves lymph & blood circulation for better inflow of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Detoxifies the skin by draining body toxins and cellular wastes.
  3. Opens the closed skin pores for better hydration.
  4. Removes cellulite and smoothens the skin surface.
  5. Increases the skin immunity to treat itself when damaged.
  6. Heals minor cuts, stretch marks, and scratches.
  7. Refreshes the skin and provides the internal glow.
  8. Acts as natural dermatologist remove pimples, acne, boils, etc.
  9. Cupping heals rheumatic diseases such as arthritis, joint pain, and lumbago, etc.
  10. Cupping also heals gastrointestinal problems such as ulcer and constipation.

Benefits of Honey Massage Therapy Infographic

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Why should you go for a honey massage therapy?

Well, I don’t see a reason to not to go for a honey massage therapy. It is one of the amazing experiences one can get and can also cherish the fruitful benefits of it. Honey massage therapy not only keeps you fit internally but also boosts your outer skin properties. At first, you might feel a little bit odd during this therapy because the stickiness of honey feels rough on the skin. But once you get used to it, you may start loving it.

Now, there are some exceptions where I will recommend you to not go for this therapy or to consult your doctor before it.

1. If you are suffering from severe skin problems
2. Having excess joint pain or inflammation.
3. During Pregnancy

Except for these above-mentioned conditions, you are all set to go for a honey massage therapy. Trust me, you will be thankful to yourself forever for indulging you in such a nice experience.