The science of massage therapy

The Science Of Massage Therapy

A Way of Life for Satisfaction and Relaxation as Per Science

As per a ground-breaking report from the World Health Organization, an average of 8% increase in the working hours has contributed to the health ailments. In India, on an average, in most of the organizations, the working hours have skyrocketed to 10 to 12 hours per day. As a result of this trend, roughly every youth in the age median in between 25 to 40 years are working more than 72 hours out of 168. And, if you take away the sleeping hours, which is 42 hours a week. So, one is spending almost 114 hours, in which there is the limited scope of refreshment and enjoyment.

Such a toxic lifestyle has brought a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety in the lives of many people. With 1 out of 5 terribly anxious and 1 out of 3 depressed, one will certainly be worried if they are facing the same lifestyle. In a way, they might ignore their recklessness, irritation and flaring temperament. But, these are symptoms of a big problem that will happen soon.

So, what’s the way out?

Most of the people complain about their mental health, but it should be kept in mind that there is something that you cannot change. So, you need to find ways to live with such challenges. Therefore, to beat the stress and frustration, a 60-minute time from the remaining 54 hours that you get to socialize and do other things can motivate you both mentally and physically to achieve more without draining out to mental illness.

Now, that 60 minutes from every week when you devote to massage and relaxation, it can empower and strengthen you from within to face those 72 hours at the workplace where you will be grilled, humiliated and made to have no opinion of yours for a simple paycheck.

The Resilient and Restraining Folks

Most of the youth nowadays are not that much inclined towards massage services. On the contrary, they prefer to spend that money on other things. But, “Health is Wealth” and regular or at least twice a month massage will have a direct impact on your thoughts, happiness, and immunity. All these things are essential to stay productive in whatever stuffs that you do.

Why has the term “Massage” gained so much popularity lately?

Lately, with the start of the 21st century, a new way of relaxation, massage has got tremendous about of appreciation and acceptance. And, after having a look at the benefits it can muster, one will always vouch for the massage services to be a regular to do stuff.

Top Benefits of Massage

1. Postural Problems

The prevailing work trends involve too much sitting in the same position. Roughly, over 12 hours daily in the same position will certainly affect the postural arrangements. In most cases, the stress is associated with the posture you use. In case, with a bent spine whole throughout the day, a lot of stress accumulates in the shoulder and neck region. As a result, most of the 9-6 bound citizens are suffering from Sciatica, Spondylosis and other such postural muscle and bone problems.

But, if you feel baffled, it is possible to deal with the same. Massage services once a month can help you get the desired postural advantage. The outcome of the service will be a happy and blessed life. One can easily deal with the stress effectively, without any problem whatsoever.

2. Muscle Pain & Sports Injury

Either if you have any kind of muscle pain, or you are suffering from any kind of sports injury, for all the problems, you have got one smart solution. A comprehensive massage service for relaxation, rejuvenation, and repair. As per the research was done by the Annals of Internal Medicine in the year 2011, it was found out that as massage uses specific hand movements and strokes, it can instantly repair the damaged tissue and muscles. It was concluded that after the sports injury and muscle and tissue tear, regular and specific massage techniques can speed up the recovery and repair. Most of the sports individuals are an ardent fan of full body massage and they practice it always.

3. Anxiety and Depression

A revolutionary research was conducted by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the outcome categorically conveyed that regular massage reduced hormone secretion, as a result, the depression and anxiety subsided.

The Scientific Explanation of Massage

For Scientific Transnational Medicine, the team of Mark A. Tarnopolsky conducted experiments. In this experiment, they kept two type of treatment: massage & no-massage. During their research, they took Quadriceps samplings, in which the muscle damage happens after intensive exercise.

In the aftermath of intensive exercising, in which the contributors were put to rigorous cycling and running, and after the exercise, a section of those experimented was given a massage.

The outcome of the Massage Treatment As Per Experiment By Scientists

Intracellular Signalling Cascades were activated in the result. In the signaling cascade, a group of those experimented were put on mechanical stimulation. In the mechanical stimulation, where an external force was applied, the regular kneading, pushing and pressing led to a dramatic increase in the biogenesis. As the biogenesis of mitochondria increased, it almost took the scientists by surprise. A PCG-1a receptor in the body started to function at full swing. When the PCG-1a triggered the scientific mechanism of mitochondria, and those who were given external massage witnessed instant repair and rejuvenation.

Rigorous massage and relaxation not only gives you relaxation and refreshment but also has numerous health benefits.

Some Popolar Types of Massages for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

1. Normal Oil Massage:

Oil massage, or also known as Normal Oil Massage is a special massage package in which the masseurs use specific herbal oils with rich aromatic essence. In the massage process, the use of oil leads to abrasion and friction resistant strokes. Hence, a complete satisfaction and enjoyment are reached.

2. Hot Oil Massage:

The use of hot oil is quite common at home. But what is not common at home is the techniques used by the male masseurs. They know the specific hand movement and can easily revitalize and reenergize the worn out tissues. Hence, in the end, you get a complete relaxation.

3. Honey Massage:

In the honey massage, the much-needed dehydration can be easily restored and your body will feel completely reenergized and refreshed. Therefore, it is completely a fun-filled experience.

4. Powder Massage:

Powder massage is a unique way to enjoy the massage and refreshment without going all sticky. The use of herbal mint extract powder will instantly sooth and elevate the mood. Hence, for a complete relaxation and refreshment, powder massage is a must thing to do once in a month.

5. Hot Stone Massage:

Use of hot stones is quite prevalent in most of the massage service delivery package. The hot stones are placed on specific pressure point areas on the body. The use of stones stimulate the hormones  and reduce the cortisol, the stress hormone, and produce more of oxytocin the “Happy Hormone.” The outcome is an elevated mind, body, and soul post the massage treatment.