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Top Massage Techniques to Try for Complete Relaxation and Refreshment

A good massage can promise you the relaxation and refreshment that you have been longing for from a very long time. When you are going for a full body massage at any nearby massage parlour, they may offer multiple massage variants for giving you the relaxation and refreshment. At such a time, you should have the experience and expertise to choose the best massage package that best serves you.

In case, if you are wondering that how a layman can understand such minute intricacies of the massage world. Do not feel sceptical, perplexed and clueless, you are at the right place. This blog will explain a few popular massage techniques that do wonders to the body. It is now up to you to figure out which one best serves your purpose.

1. Acupressure Massage

In some massage parlors, you find out about the acupressure massage. Acupressure massage is different from an acupuncture massage. In the acupressure massage, the masseurs do not use needles, on the contrary, they use specific pressure points to be activated via a gentle push.

The acupressure massage has been further refined and evolved by the Chinese practitioners. The Chinese masseurs use their 5,000 old traditional method to unlock the hidden potential energy stored in the body. Acupressure massage is extremely useful for those who are facing sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction or Loss of Orgasm. At the same time, top dermatologists and skin specialists recommend acupressure for restoring and revitalizing the look on your skin. After the massage, you will see a glossy texture on the skin.

2. Aromatherapy Massage

The use of Aromatherapy Massage is not just confined to the Chinese borders, but it has also left a lasting impression on the Indian sub-continent and other countries in South Asia. With the help of the Aroma Therapy Massage, ancient sage and hermits used to get spiritual awakening.

In case if you are looking for core relaxation and refreshment, it is the best idea to pick the aroma therapy massage. In the aroma therapy massage, the masseurs might use specific scented oils, as well as, they may use incense sticks to create that favorable atmosphere for the massage.

Upon taking the aroma therapy massage, you will almost feel that the anxiety and stress have subsided, and you are feeling much more relaxed and rejuvenated.

3. Chair Massage

Chair massage is the most modern massage technique that most of the masseurs are using these days. In the chair massage, the masseur’s set-up an automatic massage chair unit. By using the chair and its varied functionalities, they give you a relaxing and satisfying 10 to 15 minutes massage experience. At the time of taking the chair massage, the heart rate plummets, allowing the body to relax and repair itself. By controlling the blood pressure and stimulating the blood circulation and oxygen mixing in the blood, you almost get rid or escape from the anxiety and stress. Most premiere offices have installed the relaxation massage chair in their premises to give a satisfying experience to the staff.

4. Chinese Massage

The Chinese use a specific massage technique termed as “Tui Na Massage.” This massage technique has been specifically invented to unlock the “QI” energy in the body. In the “Tui Na Massage”, the massage therapists use specific circular and hand movements. It is a mix of acupressure & acupuncture to ensure you get the flavors of western and eastern massage.

Adhering to the western principles of massage, the Chinese Tui Na massage also include rubbing and kneading techniques. The rubbing and kneading techniques are widely practiced in the western countries for giving a wonderful massage experience to the clients.

5. Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha massage is a specific massage form that Indian masseurs’ practice to drive away the fever from the body. In the Gua Sha massage uses bone, stone, jade and horn implements to give the satisfying and relaxing experience to the clients taking this massage.

But the use of bone, stone and horn implements have gone way out of fashion considering the technical embrace in humans. As a result, most of the massage parlours have replaced the barbaric use of bones, stones and horns with plastic toys.

At the time of the massage, the expert masseurs use specific under the skin push techniques. As they apply the gentle push on the skin, it increases or stimulates the blood flow in the body. After the blood has flown from the treated area, they are enriched with necessary nutrients to fight with infection, inflammation and cell damage. The body goes in the absorption mode to absorb the healthy and fresh blood from the treated areas and distributes it to the areas under stress and nervousness. In this way, the body goes on a repair and rejuvenation mode.

6. Hot Stone Massage

In the hot stone massage, the masseurs use preheated well-polished shiny stones for performing the massage. They rub the stone on the body after dipping it in oil. As they use specific release techniques, the hot stone releases the stressed energy in the body. To increase or speed up the escape of dark energy from the body, the masseurs rub the hot stones on specific body parts for the relaxation.

7. Myofascial Massage

The entire body is made up of connective tissues. These tissues surround the muscles and contributes in their better functionality. The role of the myofascial massage is to increase the fascial lengthening and softening of the muscles. As they do so, it increases the mobility in the body and softens the pain in the body.

8. Honey Massage Technique

In the honey massage therapy, the masseurs use honey as a lubricant to help in the massage. As they use honey during the massage, it removes the friction and speed up the massage strokes. As a result, the pain and stiffness from the body can disappear at the blink of an eye.

Sum Up

When you are looking for the best massage experience, it is always fruitful to go with the best massage techniques that will resolve your problem. Every individual body has been designed uniquely and their needs are entirely unique, with the best massage therapy, you can unwind and enjoy the pleasure of massage for increasing the focus and lifting up the mood.