Why is Body Massage a Better Alternative Than Medicine For Muscle Repairs

Why is Body Massage a Better Alternative Than Medicine For Muscle Repairs?

When you are doing your regular work; or you have taken intense physical activity, in all such possibilities, it is certain that you will have to struggle with sore muscles. The muscle soreness can pose significant threat to your peace and satisfaction. So, in this blog, you will get to know how massage therapy can help you deal with muscle soreness.

During the massage, the massage therapists use specific hand movements to stimulate and enhance the blood circulation. In the process, the lymphatic nodes are activated with better absorption of oxygen in it. Resulting in the flushing out of the harmful dead cells and breaking of the cortisol hormones. Thus, easing the pain and discomfort in the body.

To better understand the massage and its after effects, a thorough study was conducted on a few volunteers that wanted to participate in the experiment. The process was initiated after rigorous exercises.

In the first experiment, the experts did the biopsy on one leg with extreme workout inflicted; whereas, the other one was at rest. In one of the legs that was severely exposed to rigorous workout, they wanted to learn the recovery phases and the time taken. As per the normal body function, the body has been designed in such a manner that after the injury or the inflammation, the self-cure or repair mode sets in.

In the process, the body sets out on a voyage to recover the damaged cells and muscles. But when they compared the recovery phases of massaged and non-massaged leg in the experiment. It was found that the leg with complete body massage witnessed a reduction in the production of cytokines. These cytokines are the prime agents that contribute to the inflammation. In the process of the recovery, the mitochondria or the power-house of the cells also rigorously sped up the production of energy from the glucose.

A good body massage done by professionals use specific hand movements and pressure. When the massage therapists are using the specific movements, it will reflect in the recovery done to the muscles and body.

As per many doctors and specialists, they have been vehemently emphasing that unlike the Nsaids and other anti-inflammatory drugs, massage has not been known to retard the healing process. As a result, the repair and recovery process work faster than you can literally anticipate.

It might have occurred to you that taking an aspirin might have cost you less than a full body massage treatment, but in real, the damage done by medicines cannot be ignored. All the synthesis and compounds that help treat the problem lead to other problems as well. But for the body massage, everything seems to vary in comparison to the medicines and you get to learn a lot in the process.


When you are looking for a treatment that defines against all odds and give you the perfect curable experience, body massage can be your best alternative for comprehensive relief from muscle damage. If you are feeling you muscles cramped and feeling sever pain, then you can cure this with the help of a massage therapist instead of just taking medicines.

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