Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Similarity and Differences

Physiotherapy And Massage Therapy: Similarity And Differences

There’s always the war for the existence between “Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy”, both are aligned to specific adjustment techniques but in the end, they are like “Orange and Tangerine” similar yet very much different. If you, as a reader, want to know which one is the best, well, both serve some purpose but benefits follow for both these treatment. We will be discussing about the similarity between massage therapy and physiotherapy and after that, we will discuss about the differences and finally, it will be on the discretion of the readers which one can best help them get the relaxation from distress.

If you have any mental issues or psychological problems, in such a situation, it is a do to have a massage therapy instead of physiotherapy but for ligament tear or injury to the body, you can always settle for physiotherapy for the repair.

Similarity Between Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and massage therapy are both meant to give mental and physical repair to the body. Both the techniques aim to improve the problems in the body. The professionals engaged in massage and physiotherapy use specific exercises and soft tissue manipulation for facilitating and streamlining the repair and restoration. But both these techniques use specific methods for restoring the bodily functions. In a way, after the massage and physiotherapy, the body is able to perform at its optimized level.

What is the Difference Between Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy?


In physiotherapy, the physiotherapists are medical professionals and they take an assessed angle,  diagnosis  for streamlining the treatment procedures. In this process, these professionals are keeping the following problems at bay:

  • Pain
  • Reduced Range Of Movement
  • Weakness And
  • Altered Mobility

These professionals are highly well trained to meet with the specific requirement of the patients. In a way, they strive for attaining the bachelors, masters and other professional degrees for the smart treatment given to individuals.

Unlike the massage therapists, the physiotherapists are using specific methods like;

  • Electrotherapy Modalities:

    In the electro therapy modality, TENS and ultrasounds play key role.
  • Manual Therapy:

    The manual therapy category deals with mobilization and manipulations of the limbs and other joints.
  • Deep Tissue Adjustments:

    Therapists also use other deep tissue techniques for facilitating and enhancing the mobilization of the body.
  • Kneading and Needling:

    Dry needling and kneading can also help in better and effective experience. Top therapists are inclined towards giving that experience.
  • Muscle Energizing:

    Energizing the muscles with specific hand held techniques will speed up the repair. With top physiotherapists, it is very much likely.

Massage Therapy

How massage therapy differs from physiotherapy?

Massage therapy, on the other hand, has been using alternative methods that are hand held to give the perfect relaxing experience. During the treatment, the massage therapists, those who are certified professionals, use different techniques around the body to restore the relaxation and refreshment.

Unlike the physiotherapists, the massage therapists are using techniques like kneading, gliding, vibration, compression and stretching. All of these contribute to initiating the repair and recovery of the muscles. A proper massage can easily alleviate muscle tensions by enhancing the flow of the blood. Thus, with a good massage, the oxygen flow to the blood increases; resulting in better mobility, repair and restoration of normalcy in the body.

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What Does the Massage Therapy Aims to Achieve?

One can look forward to the massage therapy when they are looking to overcome the following challenges;

  • Recovery from muscle wear and tear inflicted during Intense Workout Sessions
  • Managing Anxiety And Depression And
  • In Women, Help Relieve Pregnancy Related Pain And Symptoms

How To Know Which One Better Suits The Purpose?

When you are planning for the massage therapy or the physiotherapy, knowing which treatment will better serve your purpose can relieve you from the discomfort. So, when you have some serious injury to the body, like surgery or fracture, in such times, going for physiotherapy will do wonders to the body.

But when you are continuously grilled by the job pressure and financial challenges; and you have tons of tensions to deal with. At such times, it is most likely that you are going to be anxious and depressed. At such times, getting a personalized massage can help you relax your senses and feel better. Massage can instantly uplift your mood and help the body to produce happy hormones like dopamine and oxytocin.

Final Words

Your choice entirely depends on the problem that you are encountering. If you think that massage can better help you; go for it. But, if you have any other problem in the body like muscle pull, sprain, muscle tear,  a physiotherapist can better help you in the restoration of normalcy.

You can discuss with the experts and if you want some professional solutions, you can always call us and we will be providing the much needed help in terms of consultation. We are a better massage service provider and consultant as well. Thus, whichever problem you are facing, it is the best time to contact us and get it sorted via massage and therapy as our experts recommend.