Is Massage A Panacea for Generalized Anxiety and Mental Illness A Qualitative Research Sampling

Is Massage A Panacea for Generalized Anxiety and Mental Illness: A Qualitative Research Sampling

The brain of an individual suffering from anxiety; and that too a generalized one, is overtly hyperactive. They may shift their phobias from one stimulus to another. So much so that they can behave hysterically in any amicable situation as well. But when you want a reliable solution, that can support and strengthen the medical therapy and psychological counselling, the role of massage therapy is unquestionable.

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Can Massage Therapy Help Children with Autism

Can Massage Therapy Help Children with Autism?

It might be a harrowing experience for you to learn that your child has been diagnosed with autism. After the diagnosis, you might wonder how to settle up things for your child. In numerous research and analysis, it has been found the massage therapy can help significantly mitigate the effects of autism.

An Empirical Evidence Summarizing The Benefits of Full Body Massage

Massage, a term that you can relate to for a mesmerizing experience and recurring urge to visit the masseurs for a deep massaging experience. But a massage is more than just a relaxing exercise, it is a proven way to treat complex medical issues. In this research, we will share the role of qualitative research to explain the hidden potential of the massage therapy. To explain things to the audience and visitors, we will take qualitative definition approach instead of quantitative to better explains the scheme of things.

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy : A Complete Overview

Massage or specific hand movement is a special form of relaxation in which the professional, or also known as masseur or masseuse as per the gender uses specific techniques and massage varieties for mustering the relaxation and refreshment for the clients. In the massage session, the visitor can look forward to any massage form like: (i) Oil Massage (ii) Hot Oil Massage (iii) Honey Massage (iv) Stone Massage (v) Body to Body Massage (vi) Sandwich massage. In this blog, you will get to know about the hot stone massage. Often, people wish for the oil massage and they rarely focus upon stone massage, but it is the most satisfying experience that you can look forward to. Do read further to know everything about the hot stone massage therapy.

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Honey Massage Therapy

Detoxify Your Body With Honey Massage Therapy

If you are a health & fitness fanatic then you must have indulged yourself in massage therapy at least once in your life, probably more. The ancient history of massage therapy builds the trust itself to go for a massage. There is no doubt while considering massage therapy as an important factor for health and immunity building. There are many forms of massage that people know on a regular basis. But, there are some massage practices which are equally amazing and fruitful, but lesser known. Honey Massage Therapy is one such kind of body massage therapy. Read more

The science of massage therapy

The Science Of Massage Therapy

A Way of Life for Satisfaction and Relaxation as Per Science

As per a ground-breaking report from the World Health Organization, an average of 8% increase in the working hours has contributed to the health ailments. In India, on an average, in most of the organizations, the working hours have skyrocketed to 10 to 12 hours per day. As a result of this trend, roughly every youth in the age median in between 25 to 40 years are working more than 72 hours out of 168. And, if you take away the sleeping hours, which is 42 hours a week. So, one is spending almost 114 hours, in which there is the limited scope of refreshment and enjoyment.

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